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Alshon Jeffery…. You’re the man!

17 January 2019 Uncategorized

We all know what happened last Sunday in the Philadelphia Eagles’ season finale. Well, in light of that, a second-grade class all wrote letters to Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery to encouraging him after the game. And today, he returned the favor.

Jeffery went to the school and surprised the second-grade class.

In times like these, you see just how big of an impact athletes have on the community. But, what is even more impressive is the second-grade classes perspective on the issue. Jeffery is a focal point on the Eagles’ offense and one mistake does not defy him. Even at that young of an age, those kids get it.

Thus proving the age-old theory, some things are bigger than sports. These kids are not mad at him, rather, they took the time to try and bring him up again. Everyone needs to learn a lesson from this class, kindness goes a long way. And for Jeffery, you are the man. Seeing players reach out to the community is always great. Jeffery is a great example of a player who’s an all-around great player, on and off the field.

And, from the overall perspective, any outside criticism of Jeffery is outlandish. One play doesn’t define two great years as an Eagle. An NFC East championship, NFC Championship, Super Bowl Championship, year two playoff run and more. Jeffery has been a great addition to the team and his off the field work is just the cherry on top of the cake.