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Eagles fan react to the double doink and the Eagles 16-15 win over the Bears

7 January 2019 Eagles News

It has been less than 24 hours since the Eagles defeated the Chicago Bears 16-15 and we are all still wondering how that kick did not go in. We now know Eagles defensive lineman Treyvon Hester got a piece of the ball, but still, that missed field goal is a sign of fate if I’ve ever seen one. I asked on Twitter for people to send in their reactions and here are some of the best ones.

When Cody Parkey stepped up and drilled the first one after the timeout was taken, there was almost this aura in the air. Something crazy was going to happen next. And, something crazy is right. The way Parkey addressed the media afterward is incredibly professional, but you get the sense, he’ll never live that kick down.

Which brings us to this point here.

Last week, when the Bears beat the Vikings in what was essentially a meaningless games, they let the Eagles in the playoffs. They have awoken the defending Super Bowl champions. There’s a part of me the respects them for playing to win when they gained nothing from it, however, by doing so, they gave themselves a much harder opponent in the Eagles.

Moving forward, the Eagles will take on the New Orleans Saints. And, guess what, they are massive underdogs.

That fine, let them be the underdogs, Philadelphia loves being the underdogs. The Eagles play their best football when they are counted out. It is clear, no one has learned that the Eagles love this position. Keep doubting and they’ll continue to prove you wrong.


Photo Credit: Mike DiNovo/USA TODAY Sports Images

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