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Tale of the Tape: Can the Eagles go on the road and beat the Bears?

3 January 2019 Uncategorized

The postseason is upon us and to our surprise, the Philadelphia Eagles are in it. After a season which seemed to be in turmoil, they’re in and they have a chance. For up, a matchup with the third seeded Chicago Bears. For more, let’s preview this matchup. 

The Bears come into this game high in coincidence after finishing the season 12-4. They been very good defensively all season and efficient on offense. 

Offensively, the Bears rank 21st in total yards (343.9), 21st in passing yards (222.8), 11th in rushing yards (121.1), and 9th in points (26.3). The Bears have a very creative run game and a quarterback in Mitch Trubisky that is a very good game manager. 

Defensively, the Bears are arguably the best. They rank 1st in rushing yards against 80), 1st in points against (17.7), 3rd in total yards against (299.7) and 7th in passing yards against (219.7). The Bears front four have been legit all season, as well as they’ve been able to force a lot of turnovers. All together, they’re a troubling group to go against. 

Let’s now take a look at the Eagles and how they match up. 

The Eagles offensively have struggled but have been rejuvenated as of late. They rank 14th in total yards (365.3), 7th in passing yards (267.2), 28th in rushing yards (98.1) and 18th in points (22.9). In the last two games, the Eagles have had a lot success both passing and running the ball. 

Here’s how the Eagles rank defensively. They rank 7th in rushing yards against (96.9), 12th in points against (21.8), 23rd in total yards against (366.2) and 30th in passing yards against (269.2). Like their offense, the Eagles have really turned it up lately and are coming off of their first defensive shut out.

It’s definitely going to be a big game. Whoever wins the battle up front is going to take this game. It’s going to be a physical game and a dog fight. One that features a brother vs a brother, Chris Long versus Kyle Long. The Eagles matchup well versus the Bears and this game will come down to whoever is able to make the big play. It’s a game where missed opportunities will end up coming back to bite the team. Make sure to tune into this one because it’s going to be good.