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Eagles: Three keys to the game vs. Texans

23 December 2018 Uncategorized

Yet again, there’s another very big game for the Philadelphia Eagles today. 

It’s become a theme this season, the Eagles have put themselves in a situation where every game is a must win. Today, versus the Houston Texans, a win would do them a lot of good. With the season wrapping up and the Eagles fighting for a playoff spot, there’s no time to lose. 

For the Eagles, a win is a must and there’s no ifs ands or buts about it. And, if they are to win, here’s what needs to happen. 

  1. The Eagles need to run the football again.

Last week, the Eagles did a great job running the football. As a team they rushed for 111 yards. Wendell Smallwood led the way with 48 yards. However, what’s more important here is their use of the run game in the red zone. They scored three rushing touchdowns. Using the run game like that really helped out the offense and will be key today. 

  1. Defensive line dominance 

Up front, the Eagles need to dominate again. Get pressure on the quarterback and cause havoc. The Eagles’ defensive line has the capabilities of affecting the whole game, that’s how good they are. They need to continue to show how good they are today. 

  1. Feed the offensive weapons 

Lastly, quarterback Nick Foles needs to continue to spread the ball around. The Eagles’ offense has a lot of big time weapons and ones who create a lot of mismatches. This is big for them if they are able to expose those mismatches like they did last week. Whether it’s Alshon Jeffery, Zach Ertz, Nelson Agholor, Golden Tate or Dallas Goedert, there’s a lot of players to go to and the Eagles need to get all of them involved. 

It’s really is simple when it comes down to it for the Eagles. It’s starts up front and then it comes down to giving your weapons a chance to make a play. It’s late December, the season is running out, the Eagles need a win today. 

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