Check out Chris Long’s shrine to QB Nick Foles

20 December 2018 Eagles News

It’s that time of the year in the NFL season and some times, it’s takes just a little bit of luck. To get some luck, the Eagles have channeled the spirit of the one and only St.Nick.

Its the season of magic and miracles and the Eagles and defensive end Chris Long have called upon St. Nick to help them get into the playoffs and perform another miracle.

The Eagles are very familiar with the miracles St.Nick can give to an NFL team. Under Nick Foles’ lead, the Eagles won the Super Bowl last season. This season, they have called upon him again and so far, they’re 1-0, beating a very good Los Angeles Rams team.

When something like this seems to be a brewing, you have to cherish it and do everything you can to prolong it. Chris Long knows that and that’s why the shrine is there.

The Eagles are looking and Foles are looking to continue their miracle run to the playoffs this Sunday versus the Houston Texans. This is a big game and it will be huge if they win it


Photo Credit: Derrick Gunn

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