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Eagles fans react to their teams loss to the Cowboys last night

10 December 2018 Uncategorized

The Eagles fell to the Dallas Cowboys yesterday in depressing fashion. I took to Twitter to find out how everyone was feeling and here’s those thoughts.

Here’s the first.

Even though the Eagles seemed off and did not play well, it feels like this game was taken from them. The referees had too much of an impact in this one.

However, as Charlie does point out, the Eagles weren’t very good on the day.

The Eagles didn’t score any points in the first half. The Cowboys were literally begging the Eagles to get into the game. The offense never got in a rhythm and it showed.

Which poses the question, is the problem the people in place to run the offense? Eddie thinks so.

Losing these two were big and I think there’s a clear disconnection between the people in control right now. The chemistry seems off as a whole and the offense just doesn’t seem the same.

With a loss, the Eagles will likely not make the postseason. The NFC race is over, the Eagles are still alive in the wild card, but have two very tough games ahead. I hate to use the word, throw away year, especially in a season when you’re defending champions. But, sometimes it’s better to move on. The Eagles still have the talent in place, just need a few more players and more depth. The team that won is still there, this season it just hasn’t happened for them. Looking forward, a good offseason will put them right back into contention.

However, let’s not look that far into the future. The Eagles take on the Los Angeles Rams this Sunday Night.

Photo Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports