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Fans React: How everyone is feeling after the Eagles win over the Giants

26 November 2018 Uncategorized

The Eagles kept their season alive yesterday after defeating the Giants 25-22. After the game, I asked on Twitter for the vibes from everyone post game and here are the best ones.

The Eagles finally were able to effectively run the ball, mainly through Josh Adams. Adams finished with 22 carries for 84 yards and a touchdown. Because of his efforts, the Eagles were able to have success. Defensively in the second half, the Eagles were able to hold the Giants to just 56 total yards. I think he hit the nail on the coffin here because sports are about accountability, no matter who’s on the field, everyone is accountable. Once the defense bellied down, they were a completely different team.

The next tweet is 100% right as well.

Yes, the Giants are not too good, you could see that in the second half, but the effort from the Eagles was top notch. This was a big game and the Eagles could not afford to lose. It did not matter who was on the field for the Eagles. Everyone on the field had to step up and make a play and for the most part that is what happened after they went down 19-3. It was a big win and should be a big confidence booster going forward.

And lastly, although it was a win, the feelings of a late run are not there. We still need more convincing evidence.

As more players get healthy and the offense begins to regain its confidence, the Eagles should be in a good place. Up next Monday is a big game versus the Washington Redskins, the Eagles win this game and the whole season will start to look completely different.

Photo Credit:  Derik Hamilton/UPI