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Breakout player: Now the feature back, Josh Adams will take over vs. Giants

25 November 2018 Eagles News

The Eagles are starting running back Josh Adams today.

The rookie running back has been impressive, but hasn’t been ran as much as he should be. Last week, he had just seven carries for 53 yards and a touchdown. He’s averaging around 6.1 yards a carry.

This is great news for the Eagles up against a Giants team that has struggled to contain the run. They rank 21st in the NFL allowing on average 125.4 rushing yards a game.

With the news of Admas starting, it likely means the Eagles are going to actually use him a lot more. This is going to bold well for them in a couple of different areas. For one, a good run game is a quarterback’s best friend. The Eagles can use Adams with the hopes of taking pressure off of Carson Wentz. A lot been on his shoulders as of late and they need to lighten his load.

But, another way Adams will effect the game is he’ll keep the defense off the field. Depth has been an issue and they need to preserve the defense. Using the run game effectively will run down the clock and hopefully keep everyone more fresh.

But, lastly, using Adams will just be a breath of fresh air. The Eagle haven’t run the ball effectively really since Jay Ajayi went down injured. It’s about time they start to again with Adams at the helm. He’s going to have a big game today for the Eagles, possibly eclipsing the 100 yard mark.

Prediction: 18 carries 121 yards and one touchdown.

Photo Credit: Wesley Hitt / Getty Images

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