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An open letter to the Eagles: Time is running out to turn things around

13 November 2018 Uncategorized

This is an open letter to the Eagles. 

It’s been about nine months since you lifted your first Super Bowl trophy, yet the team that won it has vanished. As you look down the roster, everyone’s the same for the most part, but the hunger and desire doesn’t seem there. Not calling anyone out, but it’s just odd. 

The Eagles were suppose to be better than last season. Visions of a repeat danced in the heads of fans all around. But, nine games in, the Eagles sit 4-5, and are about to embark on a journey to New Orleans where they’ll face one of the league’s hottest teams. Leaving us to question and think about another potential loss and a 4-6 record. And if that does come into for wishing, time will surely be almost out as we question the Eagles team going forward.

This season has left us wondering, who is this team? Last season, they were dominant, destroying the team. All season we had this idea of the Super Bowl from the start. Now, we don’t even see this team winning the division. It’s a struggling idea we’re dealing with and the only ones to change it is the team. The identity of the team needs to be established because personally, I don’t know what team is going to show up. Consistency is big in sports and up until now, there’s been none. 

That’s why this letter is being written because it’s the perfect time. It’s about time the Eagles strap down and start playing like the Eagles we know they can play at. Offensively, defensively and even the coaching, here’s where you shake off the past and look towards the future. The Eagles can make a run and it starts with their mentality. 

What was it last season, the Eagles were the hungry dogs, the under dogs. The team wanted it more and they were going to make sure they weren’t complacent this season. Jason Kelce even said one plate of food is going to suffice for years of starvation. Which was a great analogy at the time, but now it seems like a distant thought. The Eagles just don’t have it this season and it’s shocking. Look, Philadelphia is not a city that backs down from a challenge and a challenge is what the Eagles have ahead of them.

The NFC East is there for whoever wants it and the Eagles must fight. Your at your best when your urgent and your backs against the wall. Slowly, the Eagles need to fight back and show everyone that they are still the hungry dogs of old. It’s the perfect Philly tale, down and counted out, the Eagles fight back and prove everyone wrong. 

It’s going on week 11 and there’s still time to turn it around and steer this ship the right way. Let’s prove everyone wrong and win this thing. 


Photo Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports