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Game Recap: Eagles fall to Cowboys 27-20, leaving the team to question who are they this season

12 November 2018 Uncategorized


The Eagles fall to 4-5 after losing to the Cowboys 27-20. Coming off of the bye week, it was a very frustrating loss by the Eagles. 

To end the first half, the Eagles only scored three points… yes, three points. The offense wasn’t clicking meanwhile, the Cowboys were. Trailing 13-3 at half, the Eagles were always in catch up mode. 

The second half was much better offensively, but the defense just could not hold the Cowboys. Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott looked like the 2016 versions on themselves and the Eagles struggled. The one positive you could takeaway from this game is the Carson Wentz to Zach Ertz combo. Besides that, there was nothing. 

Statisically, the Eagles were led by Wentz who completed 32 passes for 360 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. Ertz was dominant, catching 14 balls for 145 yards and two touchdowns. The Eagles didn’t have much success running the ball, rookie Josh Adams led the way with 47 yards on seven carries. The one big play the Eagles had was a 51 yard completion to Nelson Agholor. He had a better game, catching five passes for 85 yards.

The one big factor in this game was third down conversion. Last week, the Tennessee Titans were able to convert on 11 of 14 third downs on the Cowboys. The Eagles converted just four of 10 third downs which put their defense right back on the field.

Speaking of defense, the Eagles just could not stop Elliot which Prescott feed off of. The Eagles were missing a lot of secondary players, but regardless, they weren’t stopping the Cowboys. 

It’s is a very disappointing game for the Eagles because whenever it seems like they are going up, they go right back down. The Eagles have no consistency what so ever. Their play isn’t consistent and their play calling isn’t consistent. This point in the season, the Eagles have yet to find a running back to lean on. Yes, it’s a new season, but the team that just won the Super Bowl seems planets away. There comes a time where you have to ask yourself, “Who are we.” The Eagles weren’t good and haven’t been good and for me, it’s about their identity. They aren’t the Eagles of last season. Do you want to win it again? 

Where do we go from here? The Eagles have a nice trip down to New Orleans where they’ll take on the hottest team in the NFL. 


Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports