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What’s going on with the Eagles?

2 October 2018 Uncategorized

What’s going on with the Super Bowl Champion Eagles? They’re 2-2 and it’s not pretty.

Four games in, there’s a bunch of things that are a cause for concern. The secondary can’t cover, the offensive line cannot block, the wide receivers can’t get open and there’s no run game. Carson Wentz is trying his best, but he’s running for his life on almost every play. When the wide receivers get no separation, Wentz has to hold onto the ball and the offensive line is not cutting it right now. Coming back from an ACL injury, the concern with Wentz was his knee, but as it stands right now, he’s not going to make it through the season not because of his knee again, because the offensive line cannot block. Defensively, do not get me started with the secondary. If the opposing team isn’t getting a 20 plus yard completion, they’re getting a 20 plus yard pass interference call.There’s bumps in the road during a season, but right now, this is more than a bump, it’s a sinkhole. To defend the crown, there needs to be accountability and right now, everyone on the team is accountable for the bad play. 

What needs to change? 

We know the skill is all there with the Eagles. Right now, it’s about executing and getting back to the level the everyone knows the team can play at. The Eagles are struggling but it’s not a talent issue, it’s an issue regarding sloppy play. There might be a bit of a Super Bowl slump going on, but regardless, the Eagles have to realize they are the hunted and everyone’s going to give them their best game. No matter the occasion, there’s not going to be many blowouts like last season. With the Minnesota Viking coming to town, there’s a chance to bounce back with a win. And for the sake of the city, let’s hope the Eagles do.