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4th and goal: Your last second Eagles preview and how they can win the game

30 September 2018 Eagles News

The Philadelphia Eagles are taking on the Tennessee Titans today and here’s what needs to happen. 

First off, make no mistake about it, the Titans are a tough team. They’re very good defensive team and are complimented by a nice run game. They’re going to try and make the game a fight. 

For the Eagles to win, the need to play their game and not draw down to the Titans level. The Eagles have been turning the ball over and committing a lot of penalties. That needs to stop because nothing kills a drive like a bad penalty. 

With the news of Alshon Jeffery returning, the Eagles offense should open up. The underneath passes to tight end Zach Ertz and wide receiver Nelson Agholor will open up more frequently now that there’s a down field threat. The Eagles run game gets a boost with the news of Jay Ajayi playing as well. With their best weapons on the field, the Eagles offense should look a lot better. 

The Titans like to run the ball, so the Eagles need to focus on shutting down the run. The Eagles come into this game with the best run defense, so it shouldn’t be that big of a problem. The key here is to let struggling quarterback Marcus Mariota beat the Eagles in the air. 

When it’s all said and done, the Eagles are the better team and although this will be a tough game, the Eagles know how to grind out win on the road. 


Photo Credit: NFL