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Keys to success: The Eagles tight ends carry the weight in win vs. Colts

25 September 2018 Uncategorized

Yesterday, the Philadelphia Eagles improved to 2-1 on the year, starting off Carson Wentz’s season with a win. With Wentz on the field, the Eagles were able to get the most out of one particular position.

Through the first two weeks, the Eagles’ didn’t take advantage one of their best commodities and that’s their tight ends. However versus the Colts, it was a different story.

In the game this past Sunday, Dallas Goedert was unleashed. He opened the scoring for the Eagles with a 16 yard touchdown and finished the day catching all of his seven targets for 73 yards and one touchdown. The other player in this duo, Zach Ertz caught five passes for 73 yards as well. Together they caused the Colts a lot of problems.

Coming into this game, fans and anyone associated with the Eagles were baffled with the Eagles use of Goedert. In this game he was dominate and was just as good blocking as he was catching.

Going forward, the Eagles are going to use this duo a lot more.

With Wentz at the helm, the Eagles are going to feed these two a lot more. Every time they are targeted, there’s a high percentage the catch will be made. With these two, the best it yet to come. They’re a matchup nightmare for any defense and moving forward, the Eagles must take advantage of all the mismatches they receive when opposing teams are covering these two. Ertz and Goedert are going to be a formidable force and against the Colts we saw just how effective they are going to be this season.

Sometimes the most effective offense is going to the players you can trust and you can bet, Wentz trusts Ertz and Goedert. When both players are on the field, the Eagles have a great chance at finding one of the two for an easy catch. The Colts felt the wraith of this combination and the rest of the NFL will feel it soon.

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