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What to expect: Eagles announce Nick Foles starting QB

3 September 2018 Uncategorized

The Eagles quarterback “saga” is officially over as head coach Doug Pederson has just named Nick Foles the starting quarterback for week one.

Although we’ve had this idea for quite some time, it’s now official. The Eagles do not want to start franchise quarterback Carson Wentz right away. For now, Foles is going to play until they are fully comfortable with Wentz getting in any contact at practice and in game.

Going forward, what does this mean?

Foles has been taking all first-team reps at practice for the time being. Wentz has not been cleared by the team to play as of yet, although he has made tremendous progress.

With a lot of guys banged up to start the season expect the Eagles to shorten the playbook up, use the run game to their advantage and run a lot of two tight end sets. Foles has struggled this preseason, but his offensive line has let him down. They need to play better in order for Foles and the offense to have any success.

if there were any two players that are going to have to have a big game for the Eagles it’s tight end Zach Ertz and Jason Peters. Ertz is going to be Foles’ security blanket and go to target. If the Eagles go heavy on the run pass option, Ertz is usually going to be the first read. He’s due for a lot of looks and catches. Peters is important because he has Foles’  blindside. Peters hasn’t played in a little bit and this preseason, there was no trust coming from the left side of the line. They were getting beat frequently and letting the quarterback down. Peters needs to step in and play at the level he’s been able to his whole career.

The run in the playoffs and the Super Bowl seems like a long time ago now. In this current state, the Eagles are not nearly as good offensively as they were then. However, if Foles and the offense can find just half the success they had then, they’ll be just fine.


Photo Credit: Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports

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