Philadelphia Eagles 2018 Schedule Predictions

13 August 2018 Eagles News

The Philadelphia Eagles are currently the reigning Super Bowl champions of the NFL. The last team to win a Super Bowl in back-to-back years was the New England Patriots in 2003 and 2004. It is difficult to repeat as champions but seven different teams have proven that it is possible.

The Eagles roster definitely went through a plethora of changes this offseason. Players were re-signed, drafted, released, cut and even suspended. Their schedule also got tougher by facing AFC South opponents and having a team within their division get vastly improved over the offseason. With everything that has taken place, below is my breakdown for the Eagles this season and what potentially will happen week by week.

Week 1 vs. Falcons

Starting things off right—at home. The Eagles take on the Falcons who seem to be less talented on paper than they were last year. This will set the tone for the 2018 season and the Eagles get it done.

Eagles win (1-0)

Week 2 @ Buccaneers

The Eagles travel to Florida to play some former teammates. This would be a fun matchup if Tampa Bay had its starting quarterback. With Jameis Winston suspended, the birds wrap this one up easily.

Eagles win (2-0)

Week 3 vs. Colts

Frank Reich’s new home. There hasn’t been a tremendous amount of hype other than Andrew Luck’s return. This one will be tougher than most think, but the Eagles defense comes out hitting harder in this one

Eagles win (3-0)

Week 4 @ Titans

A team without Demarco Murray is a team worth playing. Derrick Henry is the new back and Mariota is still trying to figure out himself. This one will be close in the first half, but the Eagles will find a way to finish it in the second half.

Eagles win (4-0)

Week 5 vs. Vikings

A repeat of the NFC Championship game—and what a game that was. Kirk Cousins is the new man in charge, but playing at the Eagles will give the Eagles quite the advantage. The Vikings won’t lose quite as bad as they did in that game but they’ll still lose.

Eagles win (5-0)

Week 6 @ Giants

All good things must come to an end, including the Eagles impressive season starting win streak. The Giants are by far the most improved team on offense in the division and the Eagles get their first taste of Saquon Barkley whom they will be unprepared for.

Eagles lose (5-1)

Week 7 vs. Panthers

Returning back to Lincoln Financial Field is always a plus after a crushing loss. Cam Newton is underrated as a quarterback and will need to be kept in check with a spy all game. The linebackers for the Eagles will determine the outcome of this game.

Eagles win (6-1)

Week 8 @ Jaguars (London)

The Eagles face other AFC Championship team. No doubt the Eagles are loaded with talent, but the trip to London will ultimately be their downfall. There are plenty of Jaguars fans in London, hence the game being felt as an away game, and the Eagles have never faced the Jaguars defense before. Blake Bortles will be average but the Jags defense will make up for it in the turnover battle

Eagles lose (6-2)

Week 9  — BYE

Week 10 vs. Cowboys

Coming off a fresh mid-season bye week, the Eagles are ready to take on their division rival Cowboys. The Cowboys only real threat still remains in Ezekiel Elliott. If the Eagles stop the run, they win this game. And they do.

Eagles win (7-2)

Week 11 @ Saints

I think this week will be the worst one for the Eagles. Being away in New Orleans is a tough environment. The Saints are basically the same team as last year and don’t forget they were one tackle away from being the NFC Championship opponents themselves. Chalk this one up as a tough loss.

Eagles lose (7-3)

Week 12 vs. Giants

This next three week span is incredibly crucial for the division and it starts with the most important against the Giants at home. The Eagles need to split games with the blue men to stay in the race for the division. At home, the Eagles defense will force Eli Manning to be the typical turnover quarterback they’ve seen from him in the past and capitalize on it.

Eagles win (8-3)

Week 13 vs. Redskins

To put it bluntly, the Redskins are awful. They will most likely be 4th in the division and with Alex Smith at the helm they have a game manager but not a game changer. The Eagles get this one pretty easily at home.

Eagles win (9-3)

Week 14 @ Cowboys

What’s crazy is that this is potentially the division-clinching game for the Eagles—a trip to Dallas for the division. Seems like a lot on the line right? Considering at this point in the season, the focus is to win the division to get into the playoffs, the Eagles will remain focused and come out with a sweep again the Cowboys.

Eagles win (10-3)

Week 15 @ Rams

Los Angeles is all fun and games until your quarterback gets hurt and is out for the season. Although the Eagles won against the Rams last season, their quarterback went down. Here I see outcome flipped. Carson Wentz plays well and stays intact, but the Eagles lose another close one.

Eagles lose (10-4)

Week 16 vs. Texans

I would have chalked this one as a loss considering the Eagles would have rested their starters early, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. The NFC is highly competitive and a 10-4 record is not going to settle. This one will be a shootout against Deshaun Watson, an electrifying sophomore fighting for a division crown himself. However, at home I think the Eagles prevail in what will be the most exciting and heart-racing game of the season.

Eagles win (11-4)

Week 17 @ Redskins

At this point the Eagles have clinched the division and a playoff spot. Why wouldn’t the Eagles rest their starters for the last game of the season? Because just like last year, home advantage is everything if they are pushing for a second Super Bowl run. The Eagles leave the starters in for the first half and based on the score at halftime, they either put in the second string players in for the second half or leave the starters in. This game, although presented as an easy win, won’t be.

Eagles win (12-4).