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Eagles RB Jay Ajayi is ready to stake his claim as a top running back in the NFL

28 July 2018 Eagles News

One player who’s not getting as much love as the other running backs in the league is Jay Ajayi and he’s ready to prove everyone wrong. 

In a division with Ezekiel Elliott and Saquon Barkley, Ajayi is a forgotten man. Yesterday, Ajayi spoke about his motives for the upcoming season and how he’s a forgotten man, saying. 

“Obviously, those guys get a lot of the publicity (Elliott and Barkley),” Ajayi said. “I’m ready to showcase again to the world who I am as a running back. At the end of the day, I do feel like the world’s forgotten about the kind of player that I [am] when I’m playing at the best of my ability and the kind of things I can do on the football thing. I’m excited to go back out there and do that. Especially given the role that I should be in this year and what they’re saying.”

Ajayi is a year removed from a season which saw him run for 1,272 yards and eight touchdowns. This prior season, Ajayi struggled early on with the Miami Dolphins before he was traded to the Eagles. With the Eagles he played in eight regular season games where he ran for 408 yards and one touchdown. He also had a big role in the team’s playoff run. 

Going forward, Ajayi is most likely going to be the Eagles lead running back. In a very productive offense he’s going to get a lot of looks. He showed signs and promise last season. Now, with a full offseason with the team, he’s only going to get better. 

Moving forward, Ajayi is going to rekindle his ability from years prior. He’s with the right team and coach that will get the best out of him. In a division with a lot of talent at running back. Ajayi‘s here to stake his claim. 

Losing LeGarrette Blount opens to door for the “Jay Train” and he’s going to make sure the Eagles and the NFL feel the full affects of it. Ajayi has all the talent in the world and now with another opportunity he’s going to make sure he takes full advantage.


Photo Credit: David MaialettI Philly.com