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One to watch: Eagles safety Tre Sullivan, is the third safety spot his to lose?

18 June 2018 Eagles News

The Eagles have to fill an important roster spot this training camp and much to their liking, they have a few players ready to fight for it. The position is their third safety spot and the player to watch in this battle is Tre Sullivan. 

This past November, Sullivan was signed to the Eagles practice squad and he remained with the Eagles throughout their Super Bowl run. Shortly after the Super Bowl, Sullivan signed a reserve/futures contract with the team.

This puts Sullivan in a position where he can compete for the third safety spot. From the outside looking in, you might think a third safety role is not too important, but on the Eagles it’s a big role. With most of the NFL running three wide sets, the third safety is a boarder-line starting role. Last season, the Eagles had Corey Grahamthere, who had a big role in their championship run, playing 60% of the snaps in the playoffs and Super Bowl. The Eagles like to use their third safety to give them the option of moving Malcolm Jenkins around. 

Incoming Sullivan, who’s been getting the third safety reps this spring. Being the third safety, Sullivan needs to be sufficient in run support as well as in pass coverage. He needs to prove to the Eagles he can be trusted. The Eagles can still bring back Corey Graham, or use a multitude of other players in that spot. However, when it comes down to ability, Sullivan has it all. 

It’s almost like this is Sullivan’s spot to lose, he’s shown he’s good in coverage and has the ability to deliver the big hit. Going into training camp, he’s one to watch. Watching him compete for the spot is going to be fun. 


Photo Via: Tre Sullivan’s Twitter