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The Dallas Goedert Effect: How adding Goedert takes the Eagles red zone offense to new heights

14 June 2018 Eagles News

 Yes, although last season the Eagles were the second best red zone team in the league, adding second round pick Dallas Goedert will take them from the second best to unstoppable. 

Scoring a touchdown of 64% of red zone trips, the Eagles were really efficient in the red zone last season. And, those numbers are a little screwed because the Eagles struggled a little after Carson Wentz went down injured. 

Wentz completed 39 of 60 passes in the red zone for 297 yards, 24 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Among the targets were Zach Ertz and Alshon Jeffery who accounted for 15 red zone touchdowns. Those two were boarder line unstoppable in the red zone and now, the Eagles have added another element to their attack. 

In coming Dallas Goedert. The rookie is a mammoth of a man who’s extremely athletic and able to make a play on any ball.

It doesn’t matter the coverage, Goedert catches everything. Last season, Trey Burton caught four touchdowns in the red zone. Goedert is going to get those looks and more. 

Just this spring, Goedert has already blossomed into a tight end and target the Eagles cannot stop. With Goedert lining up on one side and Zach Ertz on the other, there isn’t another team in the league with that kind of one, two punch. And, it doesn’t stop there, the Eagles still have Jeffery and Nelson Agholor, as well as running back Corey Clement who was very efficient in the red zone last season too. 

Goedert is going to show his worth very quickly in Philadelphia. The Eagles’ tight end were very good last season, but now they’re elite. Teams are really going to struggle defending Goedert and Ertz, which has the Eagles laughing at the thought of opponents trying to prepare for it. There’s a bunch of different ways the Eagles can use these two and expect them to get creative with it. We could see Ertz line up out wide and Goedert inside. Expect a lot of two tight end sets as the Eagles will not want to keep two playmakers off the field for too long. 

To conclude, this is a warning to the rest of the league. Watch out because the Eagles are coming with a new toy. Dallas  Goedert is here to take the Eagles red zone attack to new heights. 


Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

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