Road to 53: Breaking down the quarterback position

14 June 2018 Eagles News

With training camp on the horizon, the road to roster cuts comes with it. The Eagles need to get to 53 players and in this series we are going to break down each position and the ultimate fate of each position. To kick start the series. we will start at quarterback. 

We all know the Eagles have the best quarterback situation in the NFL. Even with their franchise quarterback still rehabbing, the Eagles have a Super Bowl MVP ready to assume the starting role if needed. And, besides those two, the Eagles still have a very promising quarterback in Nate Sudfeld, as well as Joe Callahan. 

Let’s first start with Carson Wentz. If he’s healthy and ready to go, this is his team. There’s no room for any controversy because his has the keys to this franchise. After last season he’s ended the debate, he is one of the best players in the league. He’s a special talent and one that can produce magic out of nowhere. His preparation and desire leads him and by example, he’s been able to lead this team. Now to Nick Foles. He is intriguing because of how well he played in the playoffs and in the Super Bowl. But, much like the Eagles and Wentz know their spot, Foles knows his. The self awareness with the quarterbacks and the team is key because there will be no mutiny with Foles. Foles is a great player but more importantly, a great teammate. Having these two in the quarterback room is a big plus for the Eagles. 

Is Foles going to stay in Philadelphia much longer after this year? It really depends on what he wants to do and the Eagles have made that clear. They view him as a vital player on the team and in the quarterback room, but they respect his opinion and if he wants to start, he will leave next year in free agency. The Eagles would love to keep him but understand his decision if he goes that route. 

Which brings us to the next quarterback Nate Sudfeld, who is really grooming into a good quarterback. It’s important to have a good backup and even without Foles, the Eagles would have that in Sudfeld. If Foles leaves, the Eagles are very confident in Sudfeld. Having two good backups is a really smart move by the Eagles because you can never have too many insurance policies protecting your team. Even though we don’t want to ever think about it, with Wentz coming back from this injury, it’s important a set back doesn’t derail this team and having Foles and Sudfeld makes sure it won’t happen. Wentz can focus on recovering without any other added pressure. 

The last quarterback the Eagles have is Joe Callahan, who is not going to make the 53-man roster, but has a role as the practice team quarterback. He’s a big arm quarterback who’s been with the Green Bay Packers for a few seasons. He’s a little raw, but he’s got the making to develop into a solid team player.


53-man roster 

QB (3) : Carson Wentz, Nick Foles, Nate Sudfeld 

Practice Squad (1) : Joe Callahan  



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