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Coach Undlin: There aren’t any thoughts of moving Rasul Douglas to safety right now

11 June 2018 Eagles News

hiladelphia Eagles defensive back coach, Cory Undlin, noted that he’s “very happy” with Douglas on the outside” at cornerback, according to Turron Davenport.

One thing that stands out in that statement: “right now.” While the Eagles have a plethora of young talent at the cornerback position, there seems to be a logjam for playing time. Both Ronald Darby and Jalen Mills are 24 years old, with Sidney Jones and Rasul Douglas both 22 years of age. The competition for the starting outside jobs should be highly competitive, and while Sidney Jones has yet to be awarded a starting spot on the outside, it’s anyone’s guess as to who will finally end up starting on the inside at slot.

Looking at the safety position and the future of the position, the Eagles have the third highest percentage of their cap(13.24 percent) allocated for the safety position, with Malcolm Jenkins ($10,100,000) and Rodney McLeod ($8,406,250) making up 9.65 percent of the teams’ cap. In 2019, both players are set to make close to 10 million dollars with McLeod making $9.9 million and Jenkins making $9.7 million for their respective services.

While the Eagles are gearing up for the Carson Wentz contract that is looming over their heads, the Eagles will have to find a way to get cheaper. To me, this points to moving on from Rodney McLeod after this season and the Birds looking for cheaper talent elsewhere, although “elsewhere” could be on the roster and Rasul Douglas could be an option they look at down the road.

During his final season at West Virginia, Douglas showed off his ball-hawking skill set leading the nation in interceptions, hauling in 8 interceptions in just 13 games. In only five games of play, the 6-foot-2, 209-pound Douglas has two interceptions on his Eagles resume. While guys like Tre Sullivan and Jeremy Reaves are in the mix, I wouldn’t count Douglas as a potential versatile role player if called upon down the road.

“I like myself as a corner, but I can play anything, safety, nickel, it doesn’t really matter.” “I feel like every spot is open,” Douglas told NBC Sports Philadelphia. “No matter what the position, you have to ensure the coaches that you can play and that you understand everything mentally. Physically, we’re all in the league for a reason. It’s all mentally — can you sustain a playbook? Can you be a guy we can depend on? Be the same person every day.”

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