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Carson Wentz is making a huge impact both on & off the field for Philadelphia

4 June 2018 Eagles News

Everyone knows Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz is a tremendous football player, but what most people do not know is that he is also making huge presence off the field in the City of Philadelphia.

Before his season-ending injury last season, Wentz was on his way to an MVP award. Even without completing the season, Wentz finished it with an astonishing 3,296 yards, 33 touchdowns, and only seven interceptions. Under Wentz’s control, the Eagles were flying high and are going to be flying high for years to come.

However, we are here to talk about another dimension of Wentz that truly makes him special and that is his efforts off the field. Wentz has a charity, the AO1 foundation, and with it, he’s set to leave a lasting impression on the City of Philadelphia and the world.

Three days ago, Wentz held a charity softball game which raised over $850.000 for his charity. Also at the event, Wentz announced he will be matching the $260,000 raised to build a sports complex in Haiti and a brand new food truck service which will distribute free food around the city. The charity also raises service dogs for people in need and hosts an outdoor camp.

Although his time in the City of Philadelphia has just begun, we are already feeling the impact from him. Wentz is the type of player you want leading your franchise, a guy who cares as much as he does on the field as he does off of it. Players come and go, but it takes a special one to be remembered forever and it is easy to say already, Wentz will be remembered.

To check out more visit his site, https://ao1foundation.org/about-ao1/, where you can also buy some of their merchandise, where all proceeds go to the charity. It’s a bunch of great causes and the money goes to a great guy. For Wentz and the Eagles, they are still in OTAs, but training camp is looming. Expect Wentz to still be limited in camp, but with that being said, the Eagles are just being cautious as Wentz looks well ahead of schedule.


Photo Credit: Mitchell Leff SI.com