As a veteran, Chris Maragos looks to make new players’ “transition smooth”

25 May 2018 Eagles News Opinion

When you read the news about players like Ravens’ Joe Flacco and the Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger not welcoming new rookies to the roster with open arms, you get an appreciation for players like Eagles safety, Chris Maragos.

“Every year during the draft, I’m reminded to put myself in these guys’ shoes,” Maragos wrote in The Increase. “Whether you are a rookie just entering the league or a player going from one team to a completely different city and community, this is a huge transition. It’s always tough being the new guy. As a veteran on the team, I try to reach out to our new teammates. I’m looking forward to building new relationships with them to help them make their transition smooth. Our aim is to help them get plugged into the community we have here as quickly and painlessly as possible.”

While Chris Maragos is seen as a role player and special teams demon for the Eagles, he was also a team leader and captain for the Super Bowl-winning Birds. Last season, Maragos went down with an injury and had to repair a torn PCL in October. Unfortunately for Chris, he missed the playoff run and an opportunity to play in the Super Bowl. On the same day Maragos received news about his season-ending surgery, he also received the news of his wife going into labor 15 minutes after he got the bad news of his surgery. However, Maragos did receive two great gifts in the last 7 months: a Super Bowl ring and he and his wife welcomed their third child into the family.

Even though Maragos was not on the field physically the whole year, he still found a way to contribute the best way he could.

“I can’t physically be on the field and give them my body, fly around and sacrifice for those guys, but I can sacrifice in so many other ways,” Maragos told Fox Sports in November. “I can give them what I’ve learned mentally, what I have spiritually, all of those things where hopefully I can fill in cracks for them and encourage them when they need it.”

What you like about players like Maragos, he does the little things on the field and off the field, while not looking for rewards or handouts. The 2017 Philadelphia Eagles were made up of selfless football players throughout the roster. Looking back, I’d like to call them the glue to the entire football team, as Maragos and other veteran leaders set the tone for the locker room.

While the 31-year old safety isn’t promised a roster spot, he’s still putting in the work, putting others before him, and setting the tone for the future Eagles after him. Hats off, Chris Maragos.