A look at Darren Sproles new deal with the Eagles

4 May 2018 Eagles News

On Friday, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero tweeted out the details of Darren Sproles new deal with the Philadelphia Eagles.

From the looks of it, the Eagles got a good deal on the veteran running back and for what Sproles brings to the table it’s worth the gamble. Last season the veteran back tore his ACL and broke his arm on the same play versus the Giants midway through the season. While Corey Clement has taken on a bigger role in the offense, Sproles has his own style that is different then the others.

From an offensive perspective, Sproles brings a versatile skill-set tailor-made for the Eagles passing attack and brings a ton of value on special teams as a dynamic returner. Last but not least, Sproles is a tone setter for the locker room with his leadership qualities, work ethic, and is role model for the younger guys to look up to.

Last year, RB Kenjon Barner spoke on how he viewed Sproles and what he has meant to him as a younger player.

“How to be a professional. How to carry myself. How to approach the game. How to approach film. How to approach meetings,” Barner said of what he’s learned from Sproles. “That dude has taught me a lot.”

Chemistry is important to the Eagles organization and I believe Doug Pederson holds Sproles role on the team in high regard. If Sproles comes back to “being Sproles” in 2018, his role should be a lock moving forward.