4thandJawn 7-round mock draft challenge: Who we think the Eagles take

19 April 2018 DRAFT Eagles News

Welcome to the first 4thandJawn staff full seven-round mock draft. Below is our full seven-round mock drafts, to view them all simply use the graphic below and scroll through with the arrows at the bottom. For the mock the picks are in the order of first round (32), fourth round (30) & (32), fifth round (32), sixth round (32) and seventh round (32).
Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 12.15.39 AM

A common theme you might notice is that six of the eight mock drafts have the Eagles taking a running back with one of their first two picks. Out of that six, three of us have the Eagles taking LSU running back Derrius Guice. The other running back that came up a lot was Bo Scarborough. Either way, a lot of us see the Eagles adding a running back at some point in this draft.

Another very popular player was cornerback and safety Jeremy Reaves out of South Alabama. The Eagles have been interested in him throughout the draft process and some might even say he is the most physical secondary prospect in the draft. Reaves is an intriguing player and one we all see the Eagles taking if they have the chance.

Lastly, make sure to give your opinions on the mock drafts, who had the best one and who’s do you not agree with? Let us know, as draft day approaches, can you see the Eagles taking these players?


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