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In a recent interview, Eagles QB Nick Foles talked about his love for Philadelphia and his future with the team

16 April 2018 Eagles News

In a recent interview with KVUE, Eagles quarterback Nick Foles opened up about football faith and his desire to be a starting quarterback in the NFL.


When asked, “Where do you go from here after winning the Superbowl,” Foles responded with this answer.

Yeah, I think the first step is we start our offseason program the 16th [of April] in Philly. We love Philly. I know there was some stuff going around, a possible trade, and I would love the opportunity to be a starter again. I know my spot in Philly. I think I’ve shown what I can do. I’m signed for one more year and I love the team, I love the city. I’m excited for Carson [Wentz] to get back on his feet. I’ll be ready to go whenever they need me. But we’ll see. Just living in the moment. Get ready for this offseason program. It’s been a real quick offseason. Super Bowl was only a few months ago. But I’m excited to see all the guys because we all go our different directions, so we’ll all come back together in that locker room. There’ll be some new faces. Some faces gone. But we’ll be the Philadelphia Eagles once again and we’ll have a great offseason.”

It is obvious after showing off his talent to the world, Foles knows he has what it takes to start in this league and not just be a starter, but be a winner. He’s accepted his role on the Eagles for this season, but it seems like he wants to play. You can say all you want about backup quarterbacks, but they have to prepare as much as the starter, except they do not get to play in the games.

Make no mistake about it Foles is the reason the Eagles won the Super Bowl, but that does not mean he will be on the team forever. Everyone keeps using the phrase, he is the teams’ insurance policy and they are kind of correct. The Eagles do not want to force Carson Wentz back too early and having Foles gives them the confidence knowing they can win without Wentz right now.

Foles has one more year left on his contract and can still be moved by the Eagles if needed. Who knows, maybe another Sam Bradford trade could happen later. Right now, the price was not right to trade away a valuable insurance policy. But, the biggest takeaway is how professional he is and the faith he had during the Eagles’ run. He went through a lot this season, adapted and conquered. His story is inspirational and he is a hero in the City of Philadelphia forever. He let his talent shine and won this city their first Super Bowl. Who knows what the future holds for him, but like he said, it is about living in the moment.


Photo Credit: (Charlie Neibergall | AP PHOTO)