Eagles news: Eagles to host Rugby star Jordan Mailata

9 April 2018 DRAFT Eagles News

Austrailian NFL draft hopeful and ex-rugby star Jordan Mailata will visit the Eagles on Wednesday.

Mailata a professional rugby for the South Sydney Rabbitohs will look to take up a new hobby in the NFL. He looks to transition into the league and the new game as an offensive tackle. Standing 6 foot 8 and weighing 346 pounds, he definitely has the frame.

Just recently, he had the opportunity to show NFL teams what he is all about and he did not disappoint. He has caught the eye of a lot of teams in the league, the Eagles are just one of the many interested. However, the Eagles are not shy about signing Rugby players, let alone taking a risk on a player unfamiliar with the NFL. The Eagles have Andrew Zaruba on the roster, a former Rugby player as well.

There’s no say on how good he will turn out to be, but at his size and with his athletic ability he is definitely intriguing enough to be given a look in the NFL, Maybe not as a 53 man roster player just yet, but teams like the Eagles can look at this as an opportunity to develop this mammoth of a man into a beastly left or right tackle.


Photo Credit: NFL