Stanford S Justin Reid scheduled to visit the Eagles today

5 April 2018 DRAFT Eagles News

According to Jordan Reid of Climbing the Pocket, Stanford S Justin Reid will be visiting the Philadelphia Eagles today.

When you think of Justin Reid, you think of one word: versatility. If there is one word that the Eagles love about a player it’s definitely that. Reid also linked up with the Eagles in Indy, as he had a meeting with them at the combine. Just yesterday, our beloved Viking friends had Reid in for an official visit at their facilities.

Looking below, you can see how much money the Birds are spending at the position for this year and 2019. Bringing in a guy like Reid could bring quality youth to the group, allowing him to play the Corey Graham role for now. Meanwhile, you groom him as your future safety when it’s time to move on from McLeod or even Jenkins. In order to keep this ship afloat, the Birds will have to look at where they can get cheaper and younger while retaining talent at the position.

THE SKINNY: The Standford prospect –brother of NFL safety Eric Reid–showcases the combination of athleticism and football IQ that teams fall in love with in this day and age. With his ability to play in the box, over the slot in man coverage, against the run, he should be high on the Eagles radar if he is sitting there at No. 32.

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