Draft update: Eagles to host Central Arkansas CB/PR Tremon Smith

29 March 2018 DRAFT Eagles News

The Eagles are still trying to figure out exactly what they are doing with their first round draft pick and they are scheduling official pre-draft visits as we speak. One player we know will be visiting the team is Central Arkansas cornerback and punt returner Tremon Smith.

The Eagles are short at nickel cornerback and they need a punt returner. There is not much know about Smith as of now, he might be a diamond in the rough. In an interview with NFL Draft Diamonds, he compared himself to Patrick Peterson, saying, “Patrick Peterson. I think my ball skills at the cornerback position is the reason why i say that. Another thing is bump & run, I know he does that real well and i just try to be as similar as possible to him.”

Last season, Smith had 41 tackles, 16 passes defended and five interceptions, he has a knack for the ball and making the big play. His ability of special teams is what really makes him attractive. As for his expected draft stock, it is hard to say, so far he has met with the Eagles and the Indianapolis Colts. One of those two teams could look to add him in the later rounds of the draft.

A player like Smith is not generating a lot of buzz, but sometimes, those are the players that come into the NFL and make the most noise. Being a versatile cornerback and deadly punt returner, he has value that other cornerbacks do not. Make sure to remember this name come the NFL draft period.


Photo Credit: Central Arkansas