Roseman can’t rely on a Bradford-type trade for Foles

10 March 2018 Eagles News

In his second run as head of personnel for the Philadelphia Eagles, Howie Roseman has built some what of a reputation for swindling teams in trades.

It was taking advantage of teams with coaches that wanted “their guys”, having to give up only mid-round compensation like a 4th for Jay Ajayi, or a 3rd and Jordan Matthews for Ronald Darby.

Or cashing in on proven talents like Timmy Jernnigan and Michael Bennett because they were “distractions” and nuisances to coaches (which I don’t buy one bit).

Then there were the just mind boggling trades. Somehow selling Sam Bradford to a team for a 1st round pick.

Even the trade yesterday, moving Torrey Smith, an eventual cap casualty with a $5 million dollar cap hit who under performed in 2017 to the Carolina Panthers for a young, talented corner in Daryl Worley.

Hell, even Madden knows these trades are so lopsided in favor of the Birds.

Roseman has shown the ability to turn water into wine. Spin yarn into gold.

One move however that the Eagles should not expect Roseman to get more than expected in a trade is a deal involving Super Bowl MVP, Quarterback Nick Foles.

According to Peter King of “MMQB”, Eagles want at least a 1st and a 4th round pick for Foles, the exact trade they got in the move with Minnesota to trade Sam Bradford.

Another report came out that the Eagles were offered a 2nd round pick for Foles by a mystery AFC team.

Clearly the Eagles either declined that offer or put it on hold while holding out for higher compensation.

This situation involving Foles is just so much different than when Bradford was dealt.

Back in 2016 when Bradford was dealt, the injury to Bridgewater with Week 1 right around the corner allowed the Eagles to take advantage of a team that had Super Bowl aspirations. A roster stacked with young talent on both sides of the ball that needed a QB.

That was after the free agent period, and the NFL Draft had concluded.

Fast forward to 2018, where the Eagles want the same compensation for Nick Foles, potentially turning down a 2nd round pick in order to get it.

Only in this situation the likes of Kirk Cousins, Tyrod Taylor, Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Bradford, Case Keenum, AJ McCarron, Josh McCown are all available in free agency.

Then go ahead and throw in the options of Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield, and Lamar Jackson in a stacked 2018 draft class for signal callers.

The same value that was placed in the Bradford trade likely won’t be there for a Foles trade. The market is just too inflated with QB talent similar to that of the former third round pick.

Add the fact that Foles is a FA next year, probably needing to agree to an extension for a team to deal for him, and the $5.2 million the Eagles free up in salary cap space (which is a huge plus considering they need to get to the floor by Monday), and you have yourself a Foles for a 2nd and 3rd/4th round trade.

Look I love Nick Foles as much as the next die hard Eagles fan. The man should have a statue outside the Linc. His story is so unique and one that anyone from Philadelphia can get behind and take pride in. He brought the Eagles their first ever Super Bowl title by playing out of his mind for 2 games.

But lets take a step back and realize it was 2 games.

If Jalen Mills doesn’t stop Julio Jones on 4th down to get to the NFC title game, the Eagles aren’t getting anything back for Foles, who then would likely leave for another team next off-season.

Lets take a step back and realize the Eagles have an MVP-caliber QB in Carson Wentz who if not ready for Week 1, will certainly not miss more than the first month of the regular season.

Doug Pederson is one of, if not the best player caller in the NFL. Yes having a Super Bowl MVP backup is an incredible luxury as insurance to Carson Wentz. But who says he would replicate his historic two games in the playoffs?

Who says Doug Pederson couldn’t tailor his offense around a Nate Sudfeld or another FA QB like he did Foles?

The Eagles don’t have the leverage here that they had with Sam Bradford. And they may be running out of time to get even a 2nd round pick back for Foles like they were offered.

Just look at the Browns trading for Tyrod Taylor.

That could have been the team offering a 2nd for Nick Foles, but the Eagles said no so the Bills gladly take a 3rd for Taylor, who like Foles, isn’t in the long term plans for Buffalo.

It wouldn’t be surprising at all to see Howie Roseman shock the world (or at this point not shock anyone) by getting a 1st and maybe more for Foles.

The more likely scenario however is a 2nd round pick and perhaps another mid-level pick.

The value and expectations for Foles and a trade for the QB need to be lowered if you ask me, or the Eagles might be looking at a great backup who doesn’t play at all in 2018, that then walks after the season without getting anything back for him.

That wouldn’t be ideal considering the Birds only have 1 pick in the first three rounds of the 2018 NFL Draft.

Lets see what Howie can do with this one.


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