Philadelphia’s Hometown Hero: Corey Clement

7 February 2018 Eagles News

Corey Clement, native of Glassboro, NJ (25 minutes from Philadelphia), knew that he wanted to play for the Eagles. In 2012, he posted a tweet in front of an Eagles backdrop with the caption, “One day … Some day”. Six years later, he’ll be parading down Broad Street with his fellow teammates as a Super Bowl champion.

Clement didn’t have an easy start, going undrafted as a free agent coming out of Wisconsin. However, the Eagles saw potential in him and picked him up during the 2017 offseason. Little did the Eagles and the fans know, he would be one player that this city won’t forget, not just from the Super Bowl, but through the 2017-2018 season.

In Wisconsin, he barely would catch a ball, averaging only 7.2 yards per game. In his junior year of college, he only caught two passes. Through the 2017-2018 season, he had four catches in the first 11 games. However, what the Eagles organization did notice is that when Carson Wentz would throw to him, he had the hands to catch the ball. This is where Doug Pederson could use Clement to his advantage.

In the 2017-2018 regular season, Clement had 10 catches for 123 yards and two touchdowns. In the postseason, the 23-year-old had 10 catches for 139 yards and one touchdown. On Sunday, in Super Bowl LII, he was on the field for 24 plays. He caught four passes for 100 yards, including two major plays that helped lead the Eagles to victory. Clement had a 55-yard catch-and-run, which has now become the longest offensive play in Eagles Super Bowl History, and a 22-yard touchdown grab.

His 55-yard catch broke the NFL record for the longest catch in the Super Bowl by a running back. The previous record was set by Marshall Faulk for 52-yards. His 22-yard touchdown also set a record for being the third-longest touchdown by a running back.

Clement worked his magic along the 52 other men on the Eagles. It’s truly amazing that one can be undrafted in seven rounds, come to the city he has always wanted, and come back a Super Bowl Champion. Corey Clement and the Eagles work together and we’re just getting started on seeing how wonderful of an addition he can be for this team.


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