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Pederson’s playcalling puts Patriots on notice

2 February 2018 Opinion

Although Bill Belichick was seen Thursday night at a Minnesota Timberwolves basketball game, the Eagles coaching staff has been largely under wraps outside of the required media sessions this week.

A bit of me wishes Doug Pederson would have saved some of his playcalls (like the flea flicker) to catch the Super Bowl-reigning championships offguard; however, it was awfully nice of him to give proper notice that the Eagles were going to be landing in Minnesota for the Super Bowl.

Pederson showed off his aggressive play calling skills and removed a lot of doubt about this offense against what was the number 1 ranked defense in the league  in the NFC Championship.

Eagles fans know Nick Foles did not have a training camp and largely did not have much opportunity with the starters in this offense all season. To see Pederson methodically bring Foles up to speed, build the chemistry with the offense and unleash hell in the championship game was a thing of beauty to many fans.

His approach built a new level of confidence and swagger to this city and most importantly the locker room going into the most important game of all of their lives.

Patriots, you’ve been put on notice. The Eagles are the real deal. Have been all season. With 2 weeks to prepare, Pederson will provide the push Philadelphia needs to win the one that has always escaped us.