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The winning formula: How the Eagles can defeat the Patriots in SB52

31 January 2018 Eagles News

Today’s Wednesday, which means one thing, the week is half over and the Super Bowl is on the horizon. Yet again, the Philadelphia Eagles are deemed underdogs against the “mighty” New England Patriots. However, the formula to beat the Patriots is rather quite easy.

Step 1. Rush Tom Brady and make it uncomfortable for him

Like they have done all season, the Eagles front four has beaten down opposing offensive lines, accounting for the league’s most quarterback pressures. Whether it is from the edge or up the middle, this group needs to get Tom Brady off of his spot and make things uncomfortable.

Two weeks ago, we saw this unit obliterate Minnesota’s Vikings’ offensive line, leading to quarterback Case Keenum’s two interceptions and fumble. With Brady, you cannot allow him to get into a rhythm and get comfortable because he will pick you apart. If the Eagles front four is able to have their way with the Patriots offensive line, the Patriots should have a slow down on offense.

Step 2: Run the RPO/ Get Foles going early

The Eagles offense started off the NFC Championship get Nick Foles confidence up after completing numerous short passes in a row. A lot of this was due to the RPO or run-pass option, in which Foles has completed over 93% of his passes with this season.

The run-pass option is very hard to defend against as you do not know who is getting the ball or where it is going. Foles does a great job scanning the field and figuring out whether to take the quick throw and hand it off. Like step one, if the Eagles have even half the success they have versus the Vikings, they should have a lot of success in the Super Bowl.

Step 3: Minimize Penalties 

The Patriots are the least penalized team in the NFL, they do a good job not limiting their offense and not giving opposing offenses second chances. In the Super Bowl and especially against a team as good as the Patriots, the Eagles must play a clean game. This season, we have seen the Eagles play sloppy football, in which they have given opposing offenses numerous second chances. They must not do that in the biggest game of the year.

The Eagles are a very tough team to beat, so making sure they do not help the other team out in any way possible is going to be key. Penalties can make or break a game and in the biggest game of the year, penalties must be a non-factor.

Final Conclusion

The formula is there for the Eagles, they know what they have to do. The Eagles need to play like they have all season and trust themselves to get it done in the biggest game of the year. If they follow these three steps, they should have a successful day in the office.


Photo Credit: AP

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