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Opening night recap: Dog masks, Lane Johnson’s swag and more

30 January 2018 Eagles News

Last night, the Eagles participated in Super Bowl opening night, which was their media day and their first time facing the media this week. The team took the floor, which was open to over 2,000 members of the media and answered every question, even the craziest of ones.

What stole the show for the Eagles was offensive linemen Lane Johnson. He was one of the Eagles players on the main stage and it was not what he said which was so appealing, it was his look.

Johnson displayed what most of the team displayed which was calmness and enjoyment. The Eagles really lived in the moment and enjoyed it, which is what you want your team to be in during this week. For another team, this big of a media event could catch them off guard and rattle them, but the Eagles were calm, cool and collected.

The one question the Eagles received the most… about a certain dog mask.

Like forth noted, unlike the Patriots, the Eagles really embraced this moment and had fun with it. For the most part, the Patriots were all business as usual. Now that this event is over, it is strictly a time for business, the big game is fast approaching and now it is time to buckle down and perfect the gameplan. The hard work is done, now it is time for them to focus on that task at hand and accomplishing it.

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