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How the Eagles defensive line can dictate the outcome of NFC Championship game

20 January 2018 Eagles News

All season, the Eagles defensive line, consisting of multiple players who constantly rotate, have dominated the opposition. Tomorrow, this group has the opportunity to go up against a stout offensive line and control the outcome of the game.

No matter the opposition, the Eagles defensive line has dominated opposing offensive lines. Last week versus the Atlanta Falcons, the Eagles had their way with the Falcons front and controlled the line of scrimmage.

Going up against the Vikings, the Eagles defensive line needs to have a performance like the one versus the Falcons. They changed the game and made things very uncomfortable for quarterback Matt Ryan. Now, we have seen some brilliance from Viking’s quarterback Case Keenum against a pass rush, but for the most part, when Keenum is pressured he gets reckless, a lot of the times throwing the ball up off of his back foot. What makes up for this flaw is his receivers, Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen’s ability to make a play, but, there is still a big flaw in Keenum’s game which the Eagles can expose.

The statistics speak for themselves, Keenum is the worst quarterback left in the playoffs against the rush. Going up against an Eagles front four which generates most of the teams’ pressure, the Viking seem up for a tall task. In this situation, you cannot even say establishing a run will help the Vikings because the Eagles rush only their defensive line. The Eagles defensive line is that good and they have the ability to change any game.

The Eagles defensive line needs to set the tone and take over this game from the get-go. With 70,000 screaming fans against you and a defensive line in your face all night, Case Keenum and company might be in for a long night. Many have tried to conquer the Eagles defensive line and have failed, tomorrow, yet again, the Eagles defensive line can show their worth and help lead the Eagles to victory.


Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

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