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The winning formula: How the Eagles defense can take them to their third Super Bowl

16 January 2018 Eagles News

The saying goes, ” defense wins you a championship,” and no other saying can describe the Eagles recent playoff win any better. The Eagles completely shut down a supposed top caliber offense in the Atlanta Falcons, one with the likes of Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman. Going up against a lesser offense in the Minnesota Vikings, the recipe remains the same, suffocate the quarterback and lock down their offense.

In recent years, we have seen defenses carry teams in the Super Bowl, like the Denver Broncos a few years ago. The Broncos made it to the Super Bowl with an average Brock Osweiler and a deteriorated Peyton Manning. With little to no offensive production, the Broncos still made it work and ended up winning the Super Bowl because their defense was so elite.

Going back to the Eagles, even with Nick Foles, the Eagles have a much better offense than that Broncos team. Although the Eagles defense might not be as good as that Broncos team, it is pretty darn close. We saw the defense and the stars of the defense, Fletcher Cox, Malcolm Jenkins, Brandon Graham and Jalen Mills, step up and raise the bar for the Eagles.

Effecting the quarterback is the key and moving forward, the Eagles defensive line needs to dominate the Vikings offensive line. Throwing Case Keenum out of rhythm and hitting him will derail any offense the Vikings bring to the Linc this Sunday. Forget the run, if the quarterback is not comfortable, the offense is not going to be good.

The Eagles defensive line has been able to disrupt everyone in their way this season. There is no reason to think they will not be able to do it again versus the Vikings. When it matters most, the Eagles have stepped up and made the plays. The Eagles defense will propel them to another height and behind them, the Eagles have a good shot at reaching the Super Bowl.


Photo Credit: USA Today

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