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An ode to all those people doubting the Eagles chances vs. Falcons

10 January 2018 Eagles News

In Philadelphia, if you have not learned by now, we love the underdog. It is a role we thrive in and do not mind being in. To be put in this situation just adds fuel to the fire and more motivation. For those doubting the Eagles, thank you, now there are just more people ready to be proven wrong.

You see, a team is not built around one player, it takes all of them to win a game. The Eagles have 53 men on their roster who have given everything they have gotten all season for each other and that is why this team is 13-3 and in the position they are in. The motto has been ” we all we got, we all we need.” The Eagles are willing to fight for each other and have shown a team well bonded like no other.

To count this team out at home is a wild take. It is easy to look at the Eagles without Carson Wentz and immediately back a storyline where the six seed upsets the one seed and honestly, it is an easy train to jump on. We have seen almost everyone jump aboard the Falcons train this past week. Sure, the Eagles’ offense did not look too good in the last three games, but their defense and special teams did.

It is at the point in the season where the Eagles have to do just enough to win versus the Falcons. Then they are in a home NFC Championship game, where again, at home, the Eagles will like their odds. Win those two and they are in the Super Bowl which is an honor in its self. Saying that is easier than doing it, but the Eagles are in a great position to accomplish it. Mind you, this team was almost perfect at home this season, only losing to Dallas in the final week where the Eagles second string team nearly shutout the Cowboys starters.

Let’s make it clear, the Eagles offense was not impressive closing out the season and if you are basing your pick off of that, it is justifiable. But, look deeper into it, the Eagles have are home, playing together, have two weeks to prepare and will have had the time to get Foles officially integrated into the offense. The Eagles are going to be ready to give all they got in this game which gives them as good as a chance to win as any other game. For those doubting the Eagles, keep doubting them because like they have done all season, they are ready to prove you wrong.