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Game Preview: What to expect when Eagles take on the Cowboys today

31 December 2017 Eagles News

The final game of the regular season is upon us. The Eagles host the Dallas Cowboys in an all but meaningful game. Of course, being that it is the Cowboys, you never want to lose, but the Eagles have no more work to be done this regular season as they have already clinched the first-seed of the playoffs.

With that being said here is what you can expect to see today when watching the game.

The Nate Sudfeld Show

Even though Nick Foles is just being initiated into the offense, there is always a risk of your starters getting hurt in a meaningless game. So, Foles is going to start, but Sudfeld will be getting most of the reps today.

If you are expecting the Eagles offense to do wonders today, today’s game is not the one for you. However, Sudfeld has been impressing the Eagles coaching staff, so today’s game is actually a very big chance for him to prove himself.

A lockdown cornerback is born?

Eagles second-round pick Sidney Jones will be taking the field today. We do not know if he will be featured with the first team or the second team just yet. Jones has worked very hard to come back from a torn Achilles and deserves the chance to show everyone what he’s got.

Coming into the draft this year, Jones was a top-10 prospect and arguably the number one overall cornerback. Today, that caliber of player will be taking the field as an Eagle for the first time.

Preseason feel

Although it is the Cowboys and you want to always beat the Cowboys, the Eagles will be winners today if they leave the game with no injuries, that is really their goal today. The Eagles are going to give their starters a few series and then the rest of the way will be the second team and so on. This game is going to be very similar to week 17 last season when the Cowboys played the Eagles and rested their team at the Linc.

It is going to be nice watching some new guys get the opportunity to play and hopefully beat the Cowboys. Ending the season with a win over the Cowboys is always a great way to end the season.

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