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Eagles Twitter roundtable: Our thoughts on the Eagles win vs. Raiders

26 December 2017 Eagles News

With the Eagles win last night they clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoff which means that the road to the SuperBowl goes through Philadelphia. With that being said, all things were not that great last night. There are numerous topics to talk about and things the Eagles must fix in order to reach their final destination.

Here are some of the outtakes from the game:

The biggest thing to take away from the Eagles win is how bad and stagnant the offense was. They were not making any big plays and more importantly, they were not staying on the field. The Eagles were 1-12 on third downs last night which is a complete 360 from when they had Carson Wentz in at quarterback.

Nick Foles needs to take time and really gel with the wide receivers and tight ends. No one said he needs to play at the level Wentz was, but everyone knows, if the Eagles are to have a chance at having any success in the playoffs, Foles needs to manage the game better and play competent quarterback play.

The win was indeed very ugly, however, the defense and special teams did, in fact, play a very good game. Cornerback Jalen Mills needs to play better and not give up that touchdown, but besides that, the defense did their job. Playing at home, the defense seemed to pick it up a bit.

However, Steven is right. It does not matter how good the defense plays. If the offense cannot run the ball, pick up third downs and make those clutch plays, they will not win. The defense was constantly bailing out the offense, just to be put back on the field a minute later. The Eagles could not call a right play on offense. Winning in the playoffs requires all three phases of the game to be on point, the Eagles got by last night with only having two phases show up.

Lastly, the biggest takeaway from last night’s win was Foles and the offense. Going forward, we need to see the offense make those big plays, convert those third downs and more importantly, we need to see those players who are paid highly to step up.

Foles needs time to really work his way back into form and grow with this team, but time is of the essence. Sometimes, you need to work with what you got and for Foles and the Eagles, they need to find a way to make this offense tick again. Calling the game on offense a little differently might just help them out.

Beating the Raiders clinched the one seed for the Eagles, but there is still a lot of work to be done. The Eagles need to get the offense going again if they are to make a playoff run.


Photo Credit: AP Photo/Chris Szagola