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St. Nick is back and ready to lead the Eagles offense, against the Giants Foles will look to build confidence

16 December 2017 Eagles News

Normally, when your starting quarterback goes down injured, the hope is lost. But, with the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback situation, there is still something left to believe in.

Once upon a time, Nick Foles was the Eagles savior, leading them to the playoffs under head coach Chip Kelly. Foles finished that season a pro bowler, a record breaker and with a touchdown to interception ratio of 27 to 2. Deemed St. Nick, the Eagles were set to prosper in the years to come. After a blockbuster trade sent Foles to the Rams, the Eagles hope was lost until a new savior was drafted just a year ago.

However, with the franchise quarterback, Carson Wentz out for the year, Foles is back in action for the Eagles and ready to fulfill his destiny. And, with that being said, all of Philadelphia and the Eagles have the utmost belief and confidence in Foles.

It is hard to believe any quarterback would struggle on the Eagles. The Eagles have one of the top five offensive lines, a deadly trio of running backs, a solid wide receiver corps and one of the league’s best tight ends. Feeding off of the Eagles top ten defense, including the number one run defense. The Eagles are built to make a run for the championship and after already claiming the NFC East, they are ready to knock off the next title on their list.

With Foles on the team, the Eagles still have that confidence and fight. When he came into the game last week, he made some big-time throws. Now, with more time to prepare as a starting quarterback and more time to practice with the first team, Foles will be even more ready to take the Eagles offense by full storm.

Foles will run the Eagles offense, there will be no dumbing down. Make no mistake, Foles cannot do some of the things Wentz has been able to do, however, Foles can still make the throws and win the Eagles games. The Eagles are set up to win now and with Foles, they still have that chance.

Against the New York Giants, the Eagles and Foles will have the opportunity to hit the ground running and make a statement. While the Eagles are a good football team, the Giants are a very bad one. Now with the reports of star safety Landon Collins out, Foles will have an even better chance of having a lot of success. This game could not have come at a better time for the Eagles.

The times of Foles being deemed an elite quarterback and the future of Philadelphia are passed him, but with that being said, Foles does have a great opportunity to do something special here. The supporting cast is there for Foles to take advantage of. For the sake of the Eagles, let’s hope he does.

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