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Was yesterday’s loss a must needed reality check for the Eagles?

4 December 2017 Eagles News

Everything that could have possibly gone wrong for the Eagles last night, went wrong for them. Away from home, the Eagles fell to the Seattle Seahawks 24-10.

It was a game full of errors, mishaps and bad calls, however, the Eagles still made the game seem closer than the scoreline made it seem. But, was this loss the wake-up call and reality check the Eagles needed?

It is safe to say this season, the Eagles really have not been tested. Besides a few early scares versus the New York Giants and Los Angeles Chargers, the Eagles have been able to blow every other team out of the stadium. Coming off of a four-game stretch where the Eagles did not have to play their starters in the fourth quarter, going to Seattle and getting a win seemed like it was their destiny.

Playing in Seattle is never easy and the Eagles learned that the hard way. Carson Wentz made some MVP caliber plays late in the game, but that was after his slow start and the costly fumble on the one-yard line. As for the rest of the team, something was just off, it was almost like they were never ready to play in the first place. The Eagles can look back on the film and see their mistakes, but going forward, their whole performance was not good enough.

If the Eagles want to make a playoff run, they need to pick it up and go to new heights. You might say, well they lead the league in points, passing touchdowns and all together, their offense has been good. However, against a banged up Seahawks defense, they could not get it done. Adversity hit them and they crumbled for the most part of the game. As for the defense, they could not contain the Seahawks offense who put up over 100 yards in the first quarter. They were off their game, mainly because of how dangerous Russell Wilson was outside of the pocket. The defensive line could not get him and the Seahawks offense was at their best when they ran the scramble drill.

The Eagles could only grow from this loss and make it a positive. Playing a team as good as the Seahawks and realizing the game was there for their taking is only a positive. It is never easy losing, but have no fear Eagles fans, this team needed this in order to get better.

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