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Bold Predictions: Eagles vs. Seahawks, Wentz goes off? Barnett sack fest and more

3 December 2017 Eagles News

Heading into the Eagles Sunday night clash versus the Seattle Seahawks, there is a lot of things Eagles fans should be optimistic about. After all, the Eagles are the league’s best team, riding a nine game winning streak. If the Eagles win tonight they will clinch the NFC East, if they are to lose, a loss would do them no harm in the division, but make getting the first seed even more competitive.

Going into today’s game, here are some bold predictions.

Jay Ajayi rushes for 100 yards and one touchdown

After having little to no impact versus the Chicago Bears, it was rumored Ajayi was frustrated with his role. As anyone would, the Eagles and Ajayi played off those rumors. Knowing that he is frustrated, tonight, I believe the Eagles will feed him the ball.

The Seattle defense is ninth in the league against the run, however, the Eagles are one of the league’s best rushing attacks. Behind the Eagles offensive line, Ajayi will run all over the Seahawks. Although the stigma is that Seattle has a really good defense, they will be no match for the Eagles up front.

Alshon Jeffery feasts without Richard Sherman

The man just got paid and is ready to show why the Eagles have invested in him. The Seahawks are without Richard Sherman which means, Byron Maxwell will most likely cover Jeffery. Jeffery is riding a really nice hot streak as of late and will continue to thrive again tonight.

I am calling for a big night from Jeffery. With the lights on, Jeffery is going to go off. These statistics will sound crazy, but Jeffery will end up with eight catches for 142 yards and one touchdown.

The Eagles defense suffocates the Seahawks offense

Even at home, we have seen the Seahawks offense struggle to gain yards and put up points. With little to no run game, the Seahawks are really doing their best to make their offense one dimensional. Lucky for them, Russell Wilson is dangerous outside of the pocket, which makes them a little harder to defend.

With that being said, the Eagles defense has the league’s best run defense and one of the best against the pass. They re going to make things very difficult and I can see the Seahawks only having around 250 total yards against the Eagles, and I can see them rushing for less than 50 yards.

Now, some bold predictions from our readers.

Carson Wentz has not thrown for 300 yards since the Eagles week five win over the Arizona Cardinals. However, with the Seahawks depleted secondary, tonight he could do it. If the Eagles do struggle to run the ball, leaning on Wentz is not a bad option considering the state of the Seahawks secondary. Is it possible, yes, but do I see it happening, no. I feel like the Eagles will be able to run the ball, taking a lot of pressure off of Wentz. i fully believe Wentz can do it, but it is more of the fact I do not think he will have to do it.

This is one that I can fully see happening. For one, Derek Barnett has been one of the Eagles best defensive players lately and after his two sack performance versus Dallas two weeks ago, Barnett is looking to do it again. For Hollins, he has done it before, catching a big touchdown, so why cannot he do it again? The Eagles and specifically Hollins likes to stretch the field, when he is on the field, the deep threat is there. If the Eagles catch the Seahawks sleeping, expect Hollins to be the one catching the deep ball.

Imagine putting up 40 on Seattle? A year ago, that would be impossible, but now with all of their defensive injuries and the Eagles confidence, anything can happen. The Eagles have blown out a bunch of teams this season and with their defense playing so well, the Eagles have really dominated most teams this season. Being an away game, I do not seeing it getting too out of hand, however, we have seen crazier things happen.

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