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Eagles Film Review: Taking a deep look at the Bears underrated offense

26 November 2017 Eagles News

After another incredibly dominant win, the 9-1 Eagles are looking at taking complete control over the NFC playoff picture, and now play a talented but young Bears team on Sunday.  Don’t let the Bears 3-7 record fool you, they’re a better team than their record indicates, and offensively, QB Mitch Trubisky has become more and more comfortable as the Bears starting QB.


Chicago comes into Sunday’s match-up relatively healthy on offense, with TE Dion Sims getting in a full practice  at the end of the week as he returned from an illness. Starting WR Dontrelle Inman also put in a full practice as well on Friday, putting him on track to start Sunday. RG Kyle Long only logged limited practices during the week, and is Questionable for Sunday’s game, though he most likely will play.

Offensive Line

The Chicago Bears have a very good offensive line, and it’s become one of the best run blocking units in the NFL. Guards Josh Sitton and Kyle Long are two of the best in the NFL at their position, and tackles Charles Leno and Bobby Massie have played arguably the best football of their careers this season.

On this stretch right run, the Bears offensive line dominates the Lions defensive front, and open up a nice running lane for RB Jordan Howard. RT Bobby Massie pancakes his man, and TE Adam Shaheen gets a great seal block to give Howard a clear lane to run through.

On this play the Bears run a counter to the right with RB Tarik Cohen, with RG Kyle Long providing an excellent seal block, standing his man up in the hole. Cohen follows his tight end through the hole for a solid gain.

The Bears line up RBs Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen in the backfield together, and give the up back Howard the hand off on in an inside counter. Howard follows his pulling RG Kyle Long through the hole, as LT Charles Leno down blocks the RE out of the play.

The Bears have allowed 25 sacks on the season, the same number as the Eagles, and slightly above the league average. The battle along the trenches will determine who wins this game. The Eagles run defense is among the best in the NFL, and the Bears are one of the most efficient and run dominant run offenses in the league.

Wide Receiver

The leading receiver for the Bears is a player that was acquired during the season, WR Dontrelle Inman. Inman may not lead the position statistically, but leads the Bears receivers over the past few weeks in snaps and targets.

Trubisky finds Inman on the comeback for a first down late in the game last Sunday against the Lions. This throw and catch set up the game tying FG, that was eventually missed as the clock ran out.

Inman has quickly become Trubisky’s favorite outside receiver, and here Trubisky finds Inman on the crossing route after a nice play action fake. Inman finished the game against the Lions with 3 catches for 43 yards, and is the Bears primary threat on the perimeter.

Trubisky is able to slide out of trouble here and makes the throw to slot receiver Kendall Wright on the drag route. Wright is the Bears leading wide receiver, with 29 receptions for 330 receiving yards and 1 TD. This is an area that the Eagles secondary should be able to really boost the defense, as the Bears receivers are sub par at best. If Ronald Darby and company can limit the outside receiver production, it will make the Bears offense completely one dimensional.

Tight End

TE Adam Shaheen has taken on more of a role for the Bears after the greusome injury to incumbent TE Zach Miller. Shaheen was drafted by the Bears to provide Trubisky a safety blanket, and Shaheen has done just that.

Shaheen makes a tough catch on a throw from Trubisky, and pulls it down in traffic inside the red zone. Shaheen routinely makes tough catches, and uses his hands well to keep the ball away from his body.

Off the play fake, Trubisky finds Shaheen for a TD on a nice pass and catch. Again Shaheen makes a contested catch over the smaller defender, using his hands to pull in the ball. Over the past two weeks Shaheen has totaled 6 catches for 80 yards and a TD, and is slowly becoming a reliable red zone threat for Trubisky and the Bears.

As good of a receiver as Shaheen is, he’s equally adept at run blocking, and flashes consistently on film. Here Shaheen gets a kick out block on the safety Glover Quin, and completely takes him out of the play.  Shaheen will make safeties Malcolm Jenkins and Rodney McLeod work all afternoon, and will be someone that the Eagles linebackers have to beat consistently in the run game.

Running Back

This is the bread and butter of the Bears offense, as Chicago has two really talented, and distinctly different runners in Jordan  Howard and Tarik Cohen.

RB Jordan Howard is the battering ram for the Bears offense, and is an elusive and nimble big back that is capable of punishing defenders. Here Howard takes the inside hand off for a 50 yard run, breaking through an initial arm tackle.

Jordan Howard is extremely dangerous in the red zone, where he’s able to use his plus size to his advantage, usually dragging defenders into the end zone. Howard take the carry on the option-read and weaves his way through the Lions defense for a red zone rushing TD.

Howard takes the carry from the traditional I-formation pro set, and runs behind his full back and TE Adam Shaheen for a nice gain to the left. Howard has rushed for 2,154 yards and 11 TDs through his first 25 games as a Bear, averaging 86 rushing yards per game.

Rookie Tarik Cohen was drafted to add an X-factor to the Bears offense, and along with fellow rookies Adam Shaheen and Mitch Trubisky, has added a spark to this offense. Cohen is used in a variety of ways, and on this play takes this toss on a misdirection and uses his speed and athleticism to beat the defenders to the pylon for a TD.

Chicago Offensive Coordinator Dowell Loggains uses Cohen in the passing game, whether it’s a screen, short dump off, or deeper route. Cohen works his way open against defenders in space.

Cohen catches a similar swing pass, that goes for a minimal gain, though he does get past the initial tackler. Cohen leads the Bears in targets (47) and receptions (33), and is second in receiving yards with 264. Stopping the Bears running backs will be the key for the Eagles defense, particularly the front 7. Howard is the between the tackles thumper, and runs behind a very good offensive line. Cohen is the Swiss army knife that can beat you as a runner and receiver, as well as the return game.


QB Mitch Trubisky has taken control of the Bears offense, and weekly becomes more and more comfortable with the plays. Trubisky uses his arm and legs to keep defenses honest, and grew up in a big way last Sunday versus the Lions.

These are the sorts of throws that an NFL QB has to make, and Trubisky has shown that he has the ability to make plays like this consistently. Trubisky nails the comeback route, utilizing the clean pocket the Bears o-line provided him.

Look familiar? Again the Bears use the play action to keep the defense off guard, and Trubisky dumps the screen pass off to RB Benny Cunningham for a long gain. Trubisky uses the screen game well for such a young QB, and has the athleticism to keep defenders at bay so he can get the ball away.

Trubisky uses his legs so well, and understands how to work his way around the pocket, or down the field to pick up chunk plays. This is a 4th and 13 play with the game on the line, and Trubisky does his best Carson Wentz impersonation to pick up the first down. Trubisky was clutch on this drive, and put his team in position to tie the game late.

Trubisky is a player defenses have to spy, because he’s willing to pull the ball down and take off whenever the pass rush gets too close. Philly has the team speed to box Trubisky in, but if the defenders aren’t true to their rush lanes, Trubisky will get loose for nice plays.

There’s a reason why the Bears offense is run oriented, because Trubisky is still a project to this point. He doesn’t use great technique, and on this play doesn’t drive through his throw.

Trubisky struggles to connect with Inman on the play action fake, putting the pass too far out in front of the receiver near the side line.

Trubisky is prone to run if his first two reads aren’t available, or if the pass rush gets too close to him in the pocket. Here Trubisky pulls the ball down, only to ultimately attempt an incomplete pass. A number of things could’ve gone wrong here, and this is the epitome of a “rookie decision”.

This is another example of Trubisky being flustered  by the rush, and he gets pinned in the pocket and sacked for a loss on 3rd down. The Eagles are extremely talented along the defensive line, and will take every opportunity to pressure and disrupt the Bears passing game. Mitch Trubisky is showing promises of being a franchise QB for the Bears, but will really be tested by DC Jim Schwartz and the Philly front seven.


This is another very winnable game for the Eagles, and is a great opportunity for the Philly defense to keep up their hot streak. Chicago’s offense runs through their running game, but fortunately run defense is a strength for the Eagles, so stopping Chicago shouldn’t be problematic. Jordan Howard is a steady contributor on the ground, and has the will to keep the chains moving in the short run game.

Tarik Cohen and Benny Cunningham provide a steady passing game presence for Trubisky, with Cohen being implemented as an extension of the run game through short dump off passes. Cunningham is the 3rd down running back, and is a solid pass blocker, runner, and receiver. The linebackers and safeties will have to set the tone for the defense, limiting yards after contact, and slowing down the backs in space.

In regards to the receivers, Dontrelle Inman is the consistent threat for Chicago, and the player that Philly needs to keep under wraps. Inman isn’t an overly imposing player, but does have enough skill to make a defense pay in the short to intermediate passing game.  Slot receiver Kendall Wright is the second option for the offense, but should be erased by CB Patrick Robinson, who has locked down better players than Wright this season. An imposing receiver at 6’5 270, TE Adam Shaheen is arguably the most dangerous passing game threat outside of the running backs. He uses his body very well to box out defenders for clutch catches, and is getting more comfortable weekly as an NFL level tight end.