Malcolm Jenkins, a leader on and off the football field

24 October 2017 Eagles News

Not even a full day after defeating the Washington Redskins, Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins was back at it again, pushing for criminal justice reform in Harrisburg at the State Capitol.

Last night, Jenkins was lights out, accumulating ten total tackles and one sack. He was all over the place, covering in the slot, covering tight end Jordan Reed and even lining up at linebacker. Not even a full day after giving the Eagles everything he had on the field, Jenkins recharged and gave everything he had for the people. Off the field, Jenkins has been meeting with Senators, state officials, and the NFL, pushing for criminal justice reform.

Jenkins was not alone today, he was also accompanied by defensive lineman Chris Long and wide receiver Torrey Smith.

Jenkins has been one of the most influential players in regards to using his platform to make a change in local communities and the country as a whole. Jenkins stands by what he believes in and as a result, he is making the proper strides to accomplish his ideals.

There is nothing but pride and pleasure when a player from your team is this influential and this dedicated to a mission of equality and reform. Change is needed and Jenkins is here to ensure everyone is treated fairly. On the field, Jenkins has a persistent and passionate attitude and his play reflects it. He is one of the best safeties in the league. His on-field traits carry off the field as well, those same traits make him the perfect person to fight for the people. He is passionate in what he is doing and is going to keep at it until he is finally pleased.

It takes a certain kind of person to be such an integral person on and off the football field. Jenkins is certainly a one of a kind player. Philadelphia is lucky to have a great man like Jenkins.