Nigel Bradham has introduced the NFL to the “beast”

17 October 2017 Eagles News

One of the unsung heroes of this early NFL season for the Eagles has been linebacker, Nigel Bradham. When Jordan Hicks left the game versus the Carolina Panthers injured, Bradham stepped up and had his best game as an Eagle to date.

Entering his second season with the Eagles, Bradham is off to a flying start, accumulating 38 tackles (25 individual) in the first six games. However, his importance to the team cannot be measured by his statistics.

Bradham logged ten total tackles versus the Panthers, which includes seven individual tackles. He even had two passes defended as well. On two occasions, Bradham made a very significant play which really influenced the outcome of the game.

The first play was the Christian McCaffrey goal-line stop on third down. Bradham stopped McCaffrey a few yards short of what would have been a touchdown. If the Panthers would have scored on that play, the Panthers would have trailed only 18-17, rather than 18-13.

The second play was again a third-down play, where he stopped Cam Newton short of the chains. In a big moment, Bradham stepped up and put the Panthers’ offense off the field.

When you look at the Eagles defense, players like Fletcher Cox, Malcolm Jenkins, and Brandon Graham are the first names the come to mind. However, this season, the Eagles best defender and definitely the most underrated defender has been Nigel Bradham. Bradham is a game changer, a linebacker with the ability to step up and make the tackle when the team needs it the most. Take it from the Panthers.

Nigel Bradham stepped up big time for the Eagles last Thursday and continues to step up for them when called upon. Make no doubt about it, Bradham is a very important part of the Eagles defense and a very influential part of the Eagles defense.


Photo Credit:  Bob Donnan/USA TODAY Sports

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