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Eagles WR Nelson Agholor has his swagger back, making a big impact in 2017

13 October 2017 Eagles News

Flashback a year ago, Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor was not only playing on the outside, isolated against the opposing number one cornerback, but he was also very low in confidence. In fact, he was so low in confidence to the point where he had to actually miss a few games. This story was a sad one, but luckily for the Eagles, it got a lot better this season.

So far this season, Agholor has been the Eagles’ best receiver. He leads all Eagles receivers in yards and touchdowns. On the season, Agholor has 20 catches for 321 yards and four touchdowns. He has already accumulated more touchdowns this season than he has had in his whole career. And guess what, Agholor is the only receiver in the NFL to score two 50+ yard touchdowns. Everything about Agholor this season shows you the ability the Eagles thought they were going to get when they drafted him in the first round. What changed from the years before is that Agholor is in the slot this season, a position that fits him much better.

Agholor is explosive, very quick and a great route runner. All these tools make him a lethal slot receiver, one which is going to be very hard to cover. Last night versus the Panthers, Agholor put up 55 yards and one touchdown on four catches. He was reliable when called upon and showed great burst on his touchdown.

We are seeing a completely rejuvenated Agholor. A lot of it has to do with his position change and chemistry with Carson Wentz, however, what has really helped him is his confidence. Confidence is key in any aspect of life. Agholor doubted his abilities last season and when you doubt yourself, you are setting yourself up for failure. This season, Agholor is having fun, he is confident and with being confident, the plays are coming in, the game becomes easy.

The talent was always there with Agholor, he just doubted his abilities on the field. This season, Agholor has been let loose by the Eagles. Being fully confident, Agholor has been making plays left and right. He has already set a career high for yards in a game and touchdowns, and more career marks are going to be set as well. Having Agholor play at this level is just an added bonus for the Eagles this season. The Eagles have just another really dangerous player on offense who can and will make a play when called upon.

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