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Carson “can’t miss” Wentz is back, but this time it is with third downs

10 October 2017 Eagles News

The legend of Carson “can’t miss” Wentz is back, but this time, instead of making every paper ball in the trash can, he is making every third down.

Wentz put on a third down clinic versus the Arizona Cardinals, completing 11 of 12 passes for 225 yards and three touchdowns. He was perfect on the day, accumulating a perfect passer rating of 158.3 on third down. Do not kid yourself either, Wentz was not just converting 3rd and shorts or 3rd and 5, on numerous occasion Wentz was converting 3rd and longs. There was something about it, he was very composed on all third down attempts.

Well, actually, it was not just the Cardinals game where Wentz was a third down wizard. All season, Wentz has statistically been the best quarterback on third down, leading the NFL in third-down completion percentage and QBR.

As you can see, this season Wentz has completed 37 passes for 574 yards and six touchdowns on third downs. If you go back to last season, Wentz and the Eagles struggled to stay on the field and convert any long third down attempt. This season it is a completely different story.

So far this season, Wentz literally cannot miss when it comes to third down, he is money. Special players shine brightly when the lights are on and pressure is at an all-time high. Wentz has thrived in these positions so far this season, which is a huge step up from last season.