Over/Under: The Eagles record five sacks today vs. Giants

24 September 2017 Eagles News

The New York Giants have had their fair share of offensive line struggles this season, and with the Philadelphia Eagles ready to feast, they are heading for a rough game today. The Eagles have been very efficient getting to the quarterback this season, generating a ton of pressure and sacking the quarterback eight times in two games.

Knowing all of that, are you betting the over or under, will the Eagles record five sacks today?

The Eagles on average have racked up four sacks a game this season. Knowing that they are definitely going to hit that mark again versus the Giants. Many factors other than just the fact that the Giants offensive line is dreadful are in play today. It comes down to this, historically, the Eagles have a lot of success getting to Eli Manning and making things uncomfortable for him. The only difference today is that today, the Eagles have the luxury of playing against an offensive line that has been dreadful and has zero confidence in their ability.

If I were to bet, I am going with the over. I think the Eagles record six sacks today as a team. So far this season, the Giants have given up sacks on their first drive, and on one occasion giving one up on the first play. Expect the Eagles to pick up on that and try and get an early sack to set the tone for this sack feast. Regardless of actual sack numbers, expect the Eagles to generate a ton of pressure today. It should be a very good game for the Eagles’ defense, let’s hope the Eagles get the job done and fly high to victory!