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Buying or Selling: The Eagles get the run game going vs. Giants

21 September 2017 Eagles News

By now, you have heard this idea that the Eagles run game is going to lose them games this year. But, luckily for them, the season is still young and there is still a lot of time to change things and sharpen them up. This Sunday, the New York Giants are in town and this could be the perfect game for the Eagles to get their run game back on track.

The Giants are pretty down and low in confidence right now. Starting the season 0-2, their offense has been underwhelmingly and their defense has been left out to dry. Coming into this game, the Giants have the 28th ranked run defense in the NFL, allowing 133,5 yards against a game. For a team that last season was one of the best defensive teams, they are not performing well. There are a lot of different factors that play into that number, but still, right now the Giants are susceptible to the run.

With that being said, Are you Buying or Selling the Eagles getting their run game going against the Giants.

The Eagles run game has been bad, however, what it worse is Doug Pederson’s play calling and his desire to stick with the run game. When you are talking about the Eagles run game getting going again, it is not about the running back and the talent, it is about if Pederson sticks with it.

In two games this season, the Eagles have only rushed the ball 33 times with three different running backs. For a whole backfield, that is just 17 carries a game. (All of these numbers are taking Carson Wentz’s 8 carries for 61 yards out of the equation). In an NFL where the leading rushing team averages 38 rushes per game, the Eagles really need to stick to the formula that is being so successful. All the teams in the top ten in rushing have an average the many carries too, they might not be as talented, but their coach sticks to it and they rack up the yards as an outcome of it.

We know how bad the Giants defense has been this season against the run, but then again, the Eagles have been just as bad rushing the ball. Minus Wentz’s rushing numbers, the Eagles would have the 31st ranked rushing attack with just 104 yards a game. However, if there was a game to get going, this one is the game. The Eagles defense is set the dominate the Eagles offense, leaving their defense to once again be left out to dry. Assuming the Eagles get out to an early lead, this is the perfect opportunity to establish the run and burn out the clock. Not only will this give the Eagles confidence in calling run plays, but it will also build confidence for the individual backs running the ball.

This is the game, what better time to get the ball rolling again with the run game than the home opener. For the first time in what seems like a long time, the Eagles will rush for over 100 yards as a team. They are going to impose their will and dominate on the ground, I am buying. I presented the facts, plead my case, now it is time for you, are you buying or selling?


Photo Credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images North America