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The Eagles’ winning formula which will win them games this season

13 September 2017 Eagles News

The ultimate football statistic is the time of possession and for the last 17 games, the Eagles have led the league in this area.

This past Sunday, the Eagles controlled the game, beating the Washington Redskins in time of possession roughly 35 minutes to 25 minutes. By doing so, the Eagles set the tempo and for the most part, had the game completely under their control.

However, this is not just the offense who contributes to this stat. In fact, everyone on the team is doing their job in order for the Eagles to control the time of possession. The defense is shutting down the opposing offense and the Eagles offense is staying on the field, conducting long time-consuming drives. Last Sunday, the Eagles did exactly that, however, I will add that down the line they need to finish those drives rather than kicking a field goal.

But, with that aside, the winning formula is there. The defense is doing their job and for the most part, the offense is doing theirs. This is how you win games in the NFL and it looks Doug Pederson and company have picked up on it right away. With the new players on both offense and defense and the time of possession in their favor, this team can really be a big threat to not just the NFC East, but the NFL.


Photo Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports