New Eagles CB Ronald Darby Press Conference

13 August 2017 Eagles News

Philadelphia PA: After you make a trade that will help your team for the upcoming you expect to see results and the Philadelphia Eagles hope so when they acquired CB Ronald Darby from the Buffalo Bills for WR Jordan Matthews. Ronald Darby meet with the Philadelphia Media for the 1st time on Saturday at the NovaCare Complex and below is some of the highlights from his Welcome to Philadelphia Press conference

Reaction to being traded “I really was surprised, came very fast, at the end of the day I am blessed ”

What he brings to the team “Everybody knows about my speed and coming up to tackle and play aggressive get to the ball and make plays”
What he learned from last year with Bills “had to finish the plays more so made a lot of plays and just finish more”

After that he was asked about having some of his former Buffalo players on the team “It’s a comfortable feeling in having Nigel Bradham, Ron Brook those guys from Buffalo, its good to have them around”

Does he expect to start right away: “Right now, My goal is to come in and learn from the vets like Malcolm Jenkins and learn the playbook”, regarding How much time to learn a new system: “You know Corner is not that difficult, wants you get the concepts down and remember names and plays, it comes very fast”

Then he was asked about the Eagles Young group of corners “I know it’s a young group, I am a young player ,only 23 and you know I seen them out there today working hard and it’s a lot of time and the future is looking bright and just go out there and work with them. Then he was asked about the former players that played in Jim Schwartz Defense, “They told me that he was a great coach , practice and work hard, and that is when the defense is real good and that I would like him.

There was a question about Building something long term: “It’s Very exciting especially in the city like this with great fan and Philadelphia its exciting”, then he was asked about he does he know about Philly, Darby Said “The Fans, you know McCoy came from here and grew up watching him, DeSean Jackson when he was here, Dawkins, there is a lot of people here, then was asked Is Philadelphia a great match for his talent, “It’s a great match, everyone is going to be out there be very aggressive at the end of the day.

Darby was asked about playing press coverage “I played most of it through college and run some man to man on anybody, that is what I was doing since college”

About playing in the NFC East: “This division has a lot of great receivers, just go out there and compete, regarding his Speed, “Its is fast, because it helps a lot in football and gets you out of situations and it is a blessing

Darby was asked how he played against the Eagles in 2015: “I had a good game against Philly, Defense was good, we ended up losing that game, receivers and defense were moving the ball, it was a good team, the fans were HARDCORE and I do remember tha”

Has he meet the Young core of Cornerbacks: “I meet them today I have known Jalen Mills from College when he was at LSU”

What the last 24 hours have been like “It was Fast I just heard I was being traded and closed my eyes and opened them and I am on the plane and in the Hotel and now I am here, everything has been moving very fast”

Darby did say that he was going to Practice on Sunday”

The Philadelphia Eagles announced that Ronald Darby will be number 35

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